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You will not be able to work this out very accurately, but you will be able to calculate an approximate figure. Then you will be able to decide how you wish to leave your estate. Values rise (and sometimes fall!), and therefore a review of your financial situation every few years, when you also review your Will, is very sensible.

If you can let us have a full and accurate description of the item, and the details of the person you wish to leave it to, then this will be included in your Will.

Whatever a person leaves for the benefit of his or her spouse will be free of Inheritance Tax.

All cases differ. We aim to approach any litigation in a commercial manner. At the outset of every case we will give you the best estimate we can as to the likely costs. We will also discuss with you the funding options that may be available. If you have legal expense cover we will apply to your legal expense insurers for them to assist with payment of your legal fees.

In normal circumstances, if your claim is successful, the Court will order your opponents to pay a large contribution towards your legal costs.We would normally expect to recover a substantial proportion of the costs incurred on your behalf and will advise you at the time of any settlement as to your likely contribution towards legal fees so that you are fully informed when a decision is made to settle the claim .

If your claim is unsuccessful, or if you unsuccessfully defend any claim against you, you will be liable to pay all of your own legal costs and a substantial contribution towards the winning parties costs.

In any Court proceedings, the Court normally requires the relevant witnesses to give oral evidence at any trial. Prior to any trial you will be required to provide the Court with a detailed written witness statement and you will be questioned on that statement at any trial.

If your claim is successful and the losing party fails to honour any Court Judgement or Costs Order, enforcement action will have to be taken. We will try and establish at an early stage of the case, the financial position of your opponent.